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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Holiday at Sechelt . . . and Wicked Hot Chocolate

We were delighted to find many walking trails in the Sechelt area.

The seawalk in Sechelt itself is very pretty.  

Hidden Grove is very short, but pretty and also wheelchair accessible.

St. Francis Point Park is beautiful, but a tricky hike.

Refueled afterwards at Halfmoon Bay Café.  Their signature Amaretti cookies are really great.

Porpoise Bay is another short trail but has a pretty salmon creek leading to the estuary.

Cliff Gilker Park has several lovely waterfalls. 


Afterwards, we visited nearby Robert’s Creek and the Gumshoe Café.   
Their homemade bars are big and yummy!

 We loved the swamp and long boardwalks leading to Smuggler’s Cove.




Modern Beef & Bacon Pie: p. 73, Game of Thrones: A FEAST OF ICE & FIRE
Leafy green salad

DAY two
Chicken with Eggplant:  Lucy Waverman: Globe & Mail, Nov. 7, 2015
Orzo with Dill

DAY three
 Lamb Indad:  A TASTE OF INDIA, p. 71
Basmati Rice
Oven-Roasted Turnips 

DAY four
 Oxtail Stew
Kelp Scones:  Hello Magazine

day five
Family Favourite!
 Chicken Chasseur:  THE NEW PURITY COOKBOOK, p. 44
Green Beans

day six
Baked potatoes with Sour Cream

day seven
 Pork Loin Chops with Cumin & Orange:  SUNSET magazine


We loved the huge, covered deck on our rented cabin.  Perfect for listening to the soft rain pattering on the leaves all around while sipping Mulled Wine or the most decadent hot chocolate ever.

     (based on Southern Living magazine, Jan. 2017)

4 cups whole milk
1 cup whipping cream
100 g minty dark chocolate (I used Lindt Excellence Intense Mint Dark Chocolate)
8 ounces grated white chocolate
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
Small marshmallows

Stir milk, cream, and chocolate together over medium heat until hot. 
Add vanilla and liqueur.
Pour into large mugs and top with lots of marshmallows.


P. S. One of our awesome breakfasts . . . 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

What else did the monster have? . . . Hawaii with a Four-Year-Old

My family and I DO NOT like surprises. 

For us, a lot of the enjoyment of a trip comes from knowing it’s coming MONTHS before the actual date. 

Bryan hauls piles of guide books from the library for me and I start researching.  For this trip to Hawaii, OAHU REVEALED was my best source for things to do with children.      

I picked a hotel right by the beach, the zoo, and the aquarium.

We booked flights for Saturday, December 30 so that we could be sure to all be there for New Year's Eve.  

Kepler headed straight to the beach.

In the evening, we enjoyed strolling along Kalakaua and seeing the street performers.

Sunday, December 31

     First up, the zoo:

Back to the beach

The streets were jammed on New Year’s Eve.  We were lucky to snag a table for cocktails at the Outrigger.  

 We were glad we had booked a table for dinner.

Monday, Jan 1: the Aquarium

Some of the best fun was unplanned.  On the way back from the aquarium, we couldn't resist swinging on a banyan tree. 

Tuesday, Jan 2

Bryan, Nicole, and James went to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial.

. . . while Kepler and I enjoyed some books and monster games at the hotel.  He was not in the mood for going to the beach.  

Wednesday, Jan 3

going to the Children’s Museum by bus: The bus system is AMAZING!  Seniors ride for $1.00.

Kepler made friends all over the place . . .  and had lots of fun; especially in the theatre.

 Thursday, Jan 4

Hanauma Bay snorkeling:  you don't even need to put on the gear!  Colorful fish swim all around you as you wade near the shore.  

Friday, Jan 5

Pirate Ship!  Hauling up treasure and fighting with swords!

Saturday, Jan 6
We had booked a trip, but a tummy virus hit three of us on Friday night, and we had to cancel.  Full refund!   Thank-you Polynesian Cultural Village! 

Sunday, Jan 7

Back to the Beach!


Nicole is really good at finding the best restaurants nearby.   What a great week!


A terrific Hawaiian singer was performing her contemporary music all through our dinner here.


I love traveling in the United States, and, to show my appreciation, I am posting a recipe I clipped about 30 years ago. 

I made it for the first time just before this Christmas because it’s a fruitcake.  It was good but very dense and more like a big currant scone than a cake.   No wonder, since there is absolutely no leavening agent in it!  

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Feb 9, 1991 and Sauerkraut

 In Feb, 1991 Mom wrote:
On Feb 9 Bill Stadnyk was down but I had sauerkraut perogies which he likes, borsch, and head cheese and George gave me a lot of home made sausage.  I boiled it and we had a nice lunch with pumpkin bread.  Matt stayed for lunch, too.

                                                                    Bill Stadnyk




A couple of days ago I cooked sauerkraut as a side dish to go along with Meatballs in Cream Sauce and spaetzle.  I found the recipe online and Kathy said it was the best sauerkraut she ever had.  I loved it, too.

Here's the link:

The only change I made was that for step 3, I covered the sauerkraut and cooked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.